Beautiful Brains

Zombies rose, but not like we expected. Not the drooling slow-witted undead. Rotting and ugly yes, but civilised.

I was a popular kid, adored for my looks. Girls would blush and stutter as male friends looked on in envy. It made me vain. Stupid, really.

I doubt any would envy me now.

I’m brought forward to the front and handed the microphone. I hear the question, but there’s no point even trying to guess. Bringing the mic to my lips, I respond:

“I don’t know.”

The crowd jeers, leaning forward in anticipation. Licking lips.

Brains. That’s all they’re interested in.


This was another Flash Fiction Challenge from Chuck Wendig. This week’s task was to write anything, but in just 100 words! (Commonly called a drabble). Mine is spot on the 100 mark. I hope you enjoyed my contribution!


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